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Naty by Nature Babycare Nappy Pants - Extra Large Size 6 18s

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Nature Babycare pull on pants allows your growing toddler to move around freely with the leak protection. Ideal for potty training. Nature Babycare eco disposable pull on pants that are made with breathable natural based materials. Chlorine free absorbent material with corn based compostable non plastic leakage barrier. Size six. Pack contains extra large 18 nappy pants. 100 per cent chlorine free. Based on biodegradable materials.


Acquisition and Distribution Layer (ADL) in polylactide (PLA) derived from renewable resources, such as sugarcane.

Back Sheet: The tissue in the back sheet laminated to a corn starch film (see more info below), preventing the liquids from leaking out of the diaper, is made of natural tree-pulp that is Totally Chlorine Free (TCF).

Fluff Pulp: Main absorbent in Total Chlorine Free Pulp from Swedish woods. Awarded the FSC tick of approval for responsible forestry.


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