Naturya Organic Chia+ Strawberry 175g

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Cultivated on the sun-baked sierras of South America, Chia seeds were prized by the Aztecs and gifted to their Kings. The word Chia in Mayan means strength' and was eaten by warriors going into battle. Even today, chia seeds are eaten by the Native American Tarahumara tribe, who can run distances of up to one hundred miles a day. Versatile, easy to use and neutral in flavour, these tiny seeds are a nutritious source of fibre and high in omega-3 (ALA) which contributes to balancing cholesterol levels.


Organic milled and whole Chia seeds [Salvia hispanica] (66%), organic Date powder, organic Strawberry powder, organic Coconut Milk powder, organic Beetroot powder, organic Lucuma powder (1%), natural flavouring.

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