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Nature Baby Nappies Size 4 - 26 Nappies

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The plant-based film breathes, unlike plastic, which results in an airier, drier and more comfortable diaper. This also helps to prevent diaper rash - one of our main benefits, according to many Naty parents. The main absorbent of the diaper is wood pulp, which is responsibly harvested from Scandinavian forests and carries an FSC certification. The various layers of the diaper are also made of natural, bio-based materials, such as compost certified tissue and sugarcane. Naty diapers contain no fragrance/perfume whatsoever - just another way we have reduced the amount of harmful chemicals coming into contact with your baby's skin.


TCF (totally chlorine free) fluff pulp, pp non woven, poly lactic acid - 100 % biobased, pp nw smc, ppnw elastomer/pp nw, pp /ppnw, pp nw laminate elastomer, elastomer polyacrylate, elastomer glue, tissue / bio film.

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