NATRACARE Ultra Extra Long Pads with Wings - 8 pads

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Product Description ultra extra pad with wings, normal, offers good performance and quality. These organic and natural pads benefit from double layers of protection, with an absorbent core in addition to a soft cushioned layer, providing extra absorbency and extra comfort. Their slim line shape and convenient individually wrapped pockets are discreet and practical. With a soft 100 % certified organic cotton cover next to the skin, The pads are breathable and gentle helping to avoid irritation and discomfort which can be experienced when using conventional sanitary pads. The products are chlorine free and also free from plastic, perfumes and dyes and are biodegradable. Indications for all skin types including sensitive see all Product description.


Certified organic cotton , Ecologically-certified cellulose pulp, plant starch, BPA-free synthetic rubber glue.

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