Linwoods Organic Milled Hemp Seed With Flax & Chia Seeds 200g

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Linwoods Multiboost Organic Hemp Seed is cold milled through a unique process that provides a rich texture, making them easier to consume and digest. This holistic blend containing organic flax and chia seeds is naturally high in fibre and is cold milled to give a unique texture and protect the nutrients in the seeds. As there are no parts of the seed removed, the blend retains all the fibre, plant protein, Omega 3 and further nutritional properties contained within the whole seeds. Tastes great when added to yogurt, fruit or used as a topping for breakfast. Use every day to achieve the benefits.


70% Organic milled whole hemp seed, 20% Organic milled flaxseed, 10% Organic milled chia (Salva Hispanica) seeds.