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Life Extension Mix Powder - 360g

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Our formula saves time and money by combining the most important nutrients — including unique vegetable, fruit, and botanical extracts — into one product, eliminating the need to take dozens of separate supplements.


Bioactive Quercetin phytosome - promotes a healthy immune function, supports cardiovascular and endothelial health. Delphinidins - support endothelial health, promoting vascular relaxation and blood pressure support. Pyridoxal 5'-phosphate - a metabolically active B6 that has been shown to help inhibit glycation reactions that are part of the normal aging process. Standardized pomegranate extract - supports cardiovascular health and promoting healthy cellular proliferation. Blueberry extracts - help inhibit free radicals, promote healthy lipid and glucose levels for those already within the normal range. Standardized green tea extract - help protect against oxidation, support healthy cellular proliferation, promote cardiovascular and metabolic health. Standardized vegetable extracts - that are believed to have detoxification properties, promote healthy DNA and protect from oxidative stress. Standardized fruit extracts - packed with potent antioxidants to promote visual acuity, healthy inflammatory response and blood circulation. Sesame seed lignan extract - to promote healthy levels of gamma tocopherol along with many other health-promoting properties. Chromium Complex, Magnesium & Biotin - maintain healthy glucose metabolism, beneficially impact lipid levels and promote cardiovascular health. Vitamin D3 - a critical nutrient for maintaining strong bones density and healthy muscle and promoting cardiovascular health Cyanidin-3-glucoside (C3G) - promotes healthy levels of rhodopsin — a compound that absorbs light in the retina — and enhances night vision. 5-MTHF - Folate helps maintain homocysteine levels within the normal range, which promotes cardiovascular health and supports cognitive function. Selenium and Apigenin - a trace mineral with powerful antioxidant properties to support healthy cellular division, heart and brain health as well as thyroid function.

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