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Life Extension Florassist GI with Phage Technology - 30 liquid vcaps

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Dual Encapsulated Probiotic Blend for Intestinal Health Gluten Free Dietary Supplement Non-GMO LE Certified Florassist® gi with phage technology is our best in class probiotic formula. It promotes digestive health, proper nutrient absorption, and a healthy balance of bacteria in your intestines. It does this with two important blends: a tetraphage blend of innovative bacteriophages, and our proprietary probiotic blend. Proprietary probiotic blend All healthy individuals have billions of beneficial bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract that are essential for healthy digestion, nutrient absorption and elimination of waste. Probiotics are supplements and foods that contain specific strains of healthy bacteria. Probiotics support optimal digestive health, in part by helping to keep undesirable bacteria at bay. But that’s not all. Properly formulated probiotics can offer health benefits for the entire body. They can positively modulate cell-signaling pathways and promote healthy immune and inflammatory responses.


Florassist- GI with Phage Technology -Life Extension

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