Jordans Super Nutty Granola 550g

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If you're crazy for nuts, then Jordans Super Nutty Granola might just be the one for you. We take whole oats, roll them in honey, bake them and then shower them with a combination of sliced Brazil nuts, deliciously roasted chopped hazelnuts, and flaked and chopped almonds. A cereal that will send any nut fan extra nutty. We take simple, good stuff and don’t mess about with it. That’s why the natural ingredients in Jordans cereals like whole grain oats, dried fruits, nuts and seeds are processed as little as possible – so you can feel the benefits of these fantastic foods that provide natural energy, rich in nutrients. Since 1985, Jordans has worked with British farmers to dedicate land for nature and wildlife - creating a huge nature reserve to help birds, bees and butterflies thrive. We work with wildlife experts and the Princes Countryside Fund to help our farmers manage 10% of their land for wildlife and provide funding to support rural communities. So, by picking Jordans cereals you are helping our British farmers protect the countryside and look after the communities that make it so special.


British Wholegrain OAT Flakes (65%), Raw Cane Sugar, Nuts (Sliced BRAZIL NUTS (7%), Roasted Chopped HAZELNUTS (5%), Flaked & Chopped ALMONDS (4%)), Vegetable Oil (Rapeseed Oil, Palm Oil), Honey (1%), Sunflower Seeds, Natural Flavouring

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