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So many cuddly friends… discover and collect them all! Cherry Belly® Baby, a soothing warm cuddly toy for our tiny tots. Especially designed for the very small, these cuddly toys naturally satisfy all safety norms. They are made from soft cotton without loops or loose components. The warm cuddly toy consists of an outer bag with a pillow inside, filled with carefully selected linseed. Heat the pillow briefly in the microwave and put it back inside the cuddly toy. Ideal for preheating the cot, to relieve (stomach) cramps or simply to cuddle endlessly. Linseed has the same positive properties of cherry stones but is softer and is therefore perfect for this application. Cherry Belly® Baby comes in fun gift packaging. Cherry Belly® Baby may become your little darling’s favourite, even without the heat pillow. Cherry Belly transforms your stuffed animal into a warm companion! The cherry stone pillow in the belly of the soft toy is not just pure indulgence for our little darlings but also a source of wellbeing; it is ideal for muscular aches and (stomach) cramps. Heat the soft, heart-shaped cushion for a few minutes in the microwave and you have a delightful, warm and cuddly toy. Cherry Belly is an ideal and safe alternative to a hot water bottle and can also be used as a cold compress.



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