Hubner Silicea Hair, skin and Nails 30 capsule

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Are you a frequent traveller? Or do you frequently have business meetings? And you don't want to lug around unnecessary ballast? Then have just what you need: the Original silicea Capsules. This dietary supplement, developed in line with the latest technical innovations, is 100 percent natural. It contains purely mineral silica in high concentration and easily fits into any handbag. Due to its colloidal, i.e. micro-dispersed structure, the silica contained in the capsules is absorbed efficiently by the human body. Because Original silicea Capsules do not need to be refrigerated, they are ideal for travel and holidays: Whether in a warm hotel room or at tropical temperatures - the capsules are sure to retain their efficacy wherever you go. When you are travelling, simply take one capsule a day with a large glass of water - and nothing will prevent you from enjoying a carefree holiday. This way, you will not have to interrupt your regular dose of Silicea during travel, and will ensure that your skin, hair, nails and connective tissue are nurtured and cared for even under the blazing Caribbean sun.


One Capsule Contains 420Mg Silicon Dioxide Per Capsule Corresponding To 196Mg Silicon (Si). Capsule Composed Of Cellulose (Hpmc).

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