Himalaya Active White Herbal Toothpaste - Fresh Gel - 75 ml. (Pack of 6)

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Himalaya Active White Fresh Gel from Gum Expert Range of toothpastes -perfectly protects the gums and enamel thanks to the content of astringents and arak tree extract. After two weeks of using the toothpaste, the smile becomes whiter, shiny, and discolorations are less visible. What distinguishes Active White Fresh Ge toothpaste? It is a herbal GEL forulation based on Plant Enzyme Technolog, whic h while brushing, gently removes surface discoloration from the teeth. The herbal toothpaste contains, among others menthol for long-lasting fresh breath, pineapple extract with a natural enzyme called bromelain to help remove stains on teeth, papaya extract to help remove plaque and act as a mild whitening agent, and aromatic cinnamon to prevent bad breath. This natural and gentle whitening gel helps keep your breath fresh for hours and is 100% vegetarian. It does not contain chemical bleaches and parabens.


Bromelian - reduces plaque formation Clove - with antibacterial properties Miswak- helps prevent gum bleeding Papain- reduces plaque formation

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