HealthAid Avocado Oil 500ml

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Health Aid Avocado Oil can be used as a carrier oil to be blended with other essential oils and is gentle enough to be used directly on the skin and hair. Avocado Oil is high in Vitamin E and monounsaturated fats, with high moisturising properties. For those of you who blend your own aromatherapy products, Health Aid Avocado Oil is a recommended base oil. Avocado Oil is a very rich carrier oil and is especially suitable for dry skin. Use all over the body for massage, or even treat your hair to a conditioning treatment. Avocado Oil - Nourishes and restores dry, dehydrated and mature skin. It has a high content of vitamins A and E and proteins but because it is so rich it is best blended with a lighter base oil. Can be used for sun-tanning in conjunction with a good sun screen lotion to help achieve a smooth golden tan. HealthAid pure avocado oil can be used to nourish the hair or massage the body and face for a smooth, silky soft skin texture.


Avocado Oil

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