Haliborange Vitamin C Sugar Free Effervescent Blackcurrant 20tabs

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ONE-A-DAY BLACKCURRANT FLAVOUR SUGAR FREE TABLETS with sweeteners. FREE FROM PRESERVATIVES. For generations Haliborange tablets have been a delicious way of maintaining the body's supply of Vitamin C effectively and easily. With as much Vitamin C as 20 freshly pressed oranges and bursting with blackcurrant flavour, Sugar Free Haliborange Effervescent Vitamin C Drink is a perfect way to start the day. They help you replace the Vitamin C lost through colds and flu and help to maintain a healthy immune system. As our bodies cannot store Vitamin C for any length of time there is a daily need to replenish the body's supplies of this important nutrient.


Citric Acid Sodium Bicarbonate Vitamin C Oligofructose Blackcurrant Flavour (2.2%) Beetroot Powder Maize Starch Binder: Polyvinylpyrroliclinone Sweetener (Acesulfame Sodium Saccharin) Blackcurrant Powder (Riboflavin) Colours: Beetroot Powder (Maltodextrin, Beetroot Juice Concentrate)

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