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Good Hemp 46% Hemp Protein 500g (Pack of 4)

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Yes, you’ll be getting a big protein boost by throwing a scoop into your smoothie, but with this 46% hemp protein powder you’ll actually be able to drink it without having to hold your nose. Not because we’ve packed it full of sweeteners and flavourings (just 100% hemp seed in here), but because it’s natural and unrefined. That’s also why you won’t bloat to twice your size after drinking it. In fact it’ll help your digestion as it’s a really good source of fibre and omega 3! Our favourite way to use hemp protein is in smoothies, but it’s also great for any type of baking from pancakes to banana bread. Just replace a little of the flour with the protein powder and you’re good to go. Who said being healthy had to be hard?


100% Natural Raw Hemp Protein

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