GeoSilica Recover- for muscles & Nerves 300ml

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GeoSilica is colloidal Silica Supplement in its purest form, and the easiest to absorb by the body. GeoSilica Iceland is an environment friendly company, headed by scientist Fida Abu Libdeh, who has developed, over 10 years of work in Iceland, a unique process for obtaining and preserving Silica. Her product, GeoSilica, is extracted from within Iceland volcanic earth, in geothermal water, which is the only natural source of precipitated silica. Once sifted and purified, the silica, now in extremely small particles, is diluted in pure Icelandic water, therefore providing optimum absorption by the body. A green, sustainable production, without any artificial additives, chemicals or preservatives. The award-winning product has become a household name in Iceland, where it is widely used and praised as an effective daily supplement. Most adults, and especially in older age, do not get sufficient silica from our diets. Plants absorb orthosilicic acid from the soil and convert it into polymerised silica when the soil contains a healthy level of organic carbon. Carbon health in the soil of big agriculture is generally low due to the addition of nitrate and insecticide. The effect on the plants in our food chain is to compromise their essential trace mineral content. This in turn contributes to a deficiency of silica in our diets, which can be offset by the simple daily habit of a spoonful of GeoSilica, by itself, or combined with specific minerals. GeoSilica is the perfect base for minerals such as Magnesium, Zinc and Copper, Manganese, and Iron and Vitamin D. Each 300 ml GeoSilica bottle taken daily represents 1 month’s supply. About the GeoSilica range : You can if you wish benefit from Silica alone, or with the addition of each essential trace element and vitamin contained in the 4 other products. These may be varied every month to take advantage of building a daily enriched mineral intake.


Colloidal silica, magnesium hydrogen citrate, water.

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