GAT Libido Boost, Power Punch - 195g

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LIBIDO BOOST by GAT SPORT is a scientifically advanced formula designed for men with natural male enhancers to help support blood flow and stimulate healthy libido activity.* This combination of ingredients works synergistically to help boost stamina and endurance while supporting male performance at home or in the gym.


L-Citrulline, Ashwagandha Root Powder (Withania somnifera), Eurycoma longifolia Root Extract ( Eurycoma longfolia) Masson Pine Bark Extract (Pinus massoniana), Maca Root Powder (Lepidium meyenii), L-Tyrosine, Saw Palmetto Fruit Powder (Serenoa repens/Sabal serrulata) Stinging Nettle Root Powder (Urtica dioica) Epimedium Herb Powder (Epimedium sagittatum)

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