FSC Super Multi Vitamins & Minerals 30 Tablets

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High potency, Sustained release. Wide range of nutrients including B Vitamins, CoQ 10, Selenium, Bioflavonoids and Beta Carotene (precursor of Vitamin A & an antioxidant) Contains betaine hydrochloride to aid mineral digestion & absorption. One a day tablets. 


Calcium Carbonate - supplying Calcium Magnesium Oxide - supplying Magnesium Potato Starch, Potassium Chloride - supplying Potassium, Zinc Gluconate - supplying Zinc L-Glutamic Acid, Selenomethionine - supplying Selenium, Ferrous Fumarate - supplying Iron, Manganese Gluconate - supplying Manganese, Molybdenum Aspartate - supplying Molybdenum, Copper Gluconate - supplying Copper, Chromium Picolinate - supplying Chromium, Potassium Iodide - supplying Iodine, No artificial flavours or preservatives. , No added sugar, salt or colours. , Gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, soya free, corn free.


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