FSC Fish Oil 1000Mg 90 Softgel Capsules

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FSC foil capsules contain the body oils of several deep sea cold water fish. These are rich sources of the important omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. EPA and DHA are needed as part of cell membranes and can be converted into prostaglandins which regulate many body functions. These fatty acids are able to regulate levels of triglycerides in the blood and have anti-inflammatory activity. They also help to stop the blood from clotting too quickly. DHA is particularly important for healthy mental development vitamin E (alpha tocopherol) - an antioxidant, added to maintain the freshness and potency of the fish oil. Unlike cod liver oil, this fish oil concentrate contains only traces of vitamins A and D, making it a suitable alternative for increasing essential fatty acid intake without high levels of these vitamins. No artificial flavours or preservatives, no added sugar, salt or colours, gluten, free, wheat free, yeast free, dairy free, soya free, corn free.


Fish Oil Concentrate, Gelatin, Capsule Shell (Gelatin, Glycerine), Natural Source Vitamin E (as d-AlphaTocopherol).


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