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Freddie'S Farm Shapes 5x20g Multipack -Blueberry 100g (Pack of 5)

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Freddie's Farm Blueberry Fruit Shapes – Made from 100% UK fruit and veg. Our beautiful blueberry variety contains 75% ripe delicious apple, 20% bountiful blueberry and a 5% mesmerising mix of beetroot, carrot and spinach. Freddie's Farm is all about creating the healthiest children's snacks celebrating everything that is great about British produce; whilst protecting the environment as best we can along the way. Located in the garden of England - Kent; Freddie’s Farm is the perfect place to grow all the ingredients needed for our delicious snacks. That’s why we NEVER ADD ANYTHING ELSE, just the fruit and veg that we grow. Not only are we, Freddie's farming family, passionate about our food, we love having fun too. That’s why we have created fun shapes such as little tractors, piglets and more. Can you find them all? That’s not can become a farmer just like Freddie. In each box Freddie has given you a free gift which you can plant at home and watch it grow! Great fun for all your family.


100% Real UK Fruit & Veg: 75% Apple, 20% Blueberry, 5% Beetroot, Carrot & Spinach

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