Enzymedica Digest Complete+Live Bacteria 90 Capsules

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There’s nothing quite like the combination of enzymes and probiotics. With a 2-in-1 formula including all the benefits of Digest Complete™ with probiotics, it’s easy to get sensitive guts back on track. Enzymes boost digestion, while a daily dose of 750 million probiotic cultures support immune health, regularity and bring balance back to the gut.* Relax and feel the full body benefits.


Each 220 mg capsule of Digest provides: Protease 39,925 HUT Sucrase 0.2 IAU Amylase 6,100 DU Maltase 216 DP Lipase 160 LU L. Acidophilus 120 million organisms Cellulase 675 CU L. Bifidus 30 million organisms Lactase 400 LacU No fillers.

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