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Dr Stuarts Valarian Plus Herbal Tea 15 Bags (Pack of 4)

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Dr. Stuarts Valerian Plus tea is a carefully selected blend of ingredients which can aid you in getting to sleep more quickly and increase the quality of sleep through the night. A traditional blend of valerian, lime flowers and hops on a traditional Victorian recipe for herb tea. The mellow and bitter flavours of the valerian root and hops balance to make a relaxing night-time drink. This tea is made with only the very best, most natural ingredients and 100 percent natural flavours. This wonderfully aromatic and flavoursome tea is delicious at any time of the day as it is naturally free from caffeine. Free from additives, artificial or 'nature-identical' flavourings or colourings. It comes in 15 enveloped teabags guarantees freshness and ideal if travelling.


Limeflowers*, Valerian Root* (20%), Hops (15%), Passion Flowers, Fennel