Cotswold Red Sage Tea 50g

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This Tea Has A Slightly Savoury Edge And Is Absolutely Delicious. Red sage is an aromatic tender perennial herb native to the Mediterranean, now cultivated throughout most temperate regions of the world. It grows to between 15cm to 1.5 metres with a spread of 45cm. The stems are square and covered in fine hairs, leaves are also slightly hairy and are approximately 3-6cm in length, oblong to lanceolate, younger leaves are reddish/purple in colour aging to greyish-green and have a finely serrated edge. The 2-lipped flowers form whorls of racemes on the top part of the stems and are purplish-blue in colour and 2cm in length.


Dried chopped leaves of Salvia officinalis ‘Purpurascens’.

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