Clipper Roast & Ground Coffee - Original Decaffeinated 227g

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Clipper's Organic Decaffeinated Roast & Ground Coffee makes a great everyday coffee. Full flavoured and of medium strength, this blend has all the intensity of regular coffee but without the caffeine!

This coffee is grown organically by Fairtrade-certified farmers, using only natural methods of cultivation and no artificial fertilizers or pesticides and decaffeinate

  • Organic and Fairtrade.
  • Medium Strength Coffee.
  • Roast and ground.
  • For use with a cafetiere, coffee maker or coffee infuser.
  • Organically approved decaffeination process, without the use of harmful chemicals. without the use of chemical solvents



Decaffeinated organically grown coffee.

Suitable For

  • Organic
  • Wheet Free