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Captain Kombucha Kombucha Zero - Watermelon Mint 400ml (Pack of 12)

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At GUTsy Captain we make delicious, 100% authentic kombucha in a traditional, handcrafted way using the original Chinese recipe. We only use high quality natural ingredients: green tea fermented with organic cane sugar and our own culture of live bacteria and yeast (SCOBY). At the end of our long fermentation process there’s no sugar left, leaving…well…ZERO sugar! Guilt free and yet delicious. Ancient and yet unique. Bubbly, yet fresh tasting.


Organic Kombucha (filtered water, organic cane sugar*,organic green tea 0.4%, organic stevia leaves, kombucha cultures), natural watermelon flavour 0.25%, organic carrot concentrate, natural mint flavour 0.04%, “Bacillus coagulans.” *All sugar is eliminated during fermentation.

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