Billingtons Amber Maple Syrup 260g

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Heat enhances this mouth's awareness of sweetness, thus maple syrup's caressing flavours are enhanced on pancakes and waffles if served warm or hot, but inhibited when poured cold or chilled. Warm maple syrup and melting butter combine to make a taste not possible if either is cold. To use maple syrup rather than sugar in baking, reduce the amount by 25% and slightly reduce any other liquid content. depending on the grade of syrup used, the finished result will look darker than when using white sugar. You might also substitute only a fraction of the sugar with maple syrup but this can make negligible difference to the finished flavour if using a light syrup. Maple syrup is an excellent way to flavour icings and frostings, and can be used as a hot drizzle for cakes, bakes and muffins. With or without orange zest, beat it into butter to serve with hot cinnamon scones or muffins, fold it into whipped cream to serve with pies and flans, particularly where chocolate and/or cinnamon are present. If you only like it to drizzle on pancakes and waffles, go for the lighter colthiss; if you're using it to flavour cakes and muffins, in stews or with bacon and eggs, you might choose a darker, more robust style.


maple syrup

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