Bacofoil Baco Baco Easycut Cling Film - Refill 350mm x 60mtr

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This multi-purpose cling film can be used for wrapping all foods, keeping it fresh and ready for your next meal. Can be used in a microwave as a lidding agent

For use in the refillable dispenser

To refill dispenser, twist plastic tab and pull out gently. Remove empty roll and insert refill. Make sure dispenser is placed on a flat surface when re-inserting plug in dispenser. Open lid and pull back flap. Find end of film, then pull through. For best results pull film straight up vertically. 

Highly respected and trusted by our consumers, BacoFoil is available in a number of formats depending on your cooking and convenience needs. Established in 1962, Baco is the UK's leading brand covering a range of products in food preparation, storage and waste managemental high-quality products that aim to solve your everyday problems around the home. 

Product Material

PVC Plastic 


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