Amandin Organic Tiger Nut Drink With Agave Syrup 1Ltr (Pack of 6)

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One of the most traditional drinks in Spain, especially in the Mediterranean regions, is certainly tiger nut horchata, a natural, refreshing drink prepared using just the right proportions of tiger nuts, water and sugar.
And if you like horchata but want to give up sugar, try the new Amandín organic tiger nut drink with agave nectar. All the flavour of horchata, without sugar. A drink sweetened with agave nectar, a natural syrup extracted from the agave plant.
Because horchata is the ideal drink for both young and old and you can enjoy it all year round, not just in summer.


Water, Tigernut*, Agave Syrup*, Corn Maltodextrin, Cassava Starch*, Emulsifier (Sunflower Lecithin). (*) Organic Ingredients.

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