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5% Nutrition Full As F*ck, Pomegranate - 387g

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Full as F*ck is the product you want as the perfect pre workout booster. Perfect combination of active ingredients to improve blood flow. Also contains taurine and Citrulline. Without stimulants for a natural support during training. Ideal for body builders and athletes of all kinds.


L-citrulline (46,5 %),L-taurine (15,5 %), glycerol monostearate (7,75 %), Dan-Shen root extract (Salvia Miltiorrhiza) (5%), beetroot powder (3,9 %),L-norvaline (1,9 %), Vitamin C (ascorbic acid?, calcium ascorbate) (1,9 %) , hesperidin, Salt (sodium chloride, sodium glycerophosphate), Potassium (potassium citrate?, potassium glycerophosphat), Niacin (nicotinamide), Magnesium (magnesium citrate?, magnesium glycerophosphate), Calcium (calcium ascorbate), BioPerine (black pepper fruit extract), acid: citric acid, natural flavouring, anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide, sweetener: sucralose, sweetener: acesulfame K

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