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English Tea Festive Moments 32 Bags (Pack of 6)

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Their brand new Festive Delight Moments collection, comes in a revolutionary and sleek design, making it a fun and interactive gifting experience. The pack has a selection of 4 exquisite blends, holding a total of 32 tea bag sachets. Celebrate the holidays and enjoy the flavours of the festive season with this selection of beautifully blended, premium organic teas.


Apple Cinnamon - Flavoured Fruit Tea : 40% Organic Hibiscus Flowers, 24% Organic Rosehips, 12% Organic Cinnamon, 10% Liquorice, 5% Organic Apples 4% Organic Peppermint, 2% Natural Strawberry Flavouring, 1,5% Natural Cherry Flavouring, 1,5% Natural Raspberry Flavouring. Darjeeling - Black Tea : 100% Organic Black tea. White Tea, Coconut & Passion Fruit : Organic white tea (63.5%), Organic lemongrass (14%), Organic cocoa (8%), Organic ginger (6%), Natural flavourings (5%), Organic passion fruit flower (3%), Organic coconut (0.5%). Sencha Tea - Green Tea : 100% Organic Sencha Green Tea.

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