Dragonfly Moroccan Mint Tea 20 Bags (Pack of 4)

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Dragonfly Moroccan Mint Green Tea is an organically grown, authentic and delicious blend of brisk Chinese Gunpowder tea and refreshing organic Moroccan spearmint.

Gunpowder green tea is named after its appearance: the dark green tea leaves are rolled by hand into tiny pellets that resemble gunpowder. This tea is called Atay el nana in Morocco and is the country's most popular drink. It is said that every child in Morocco is born with the secret of how to make this delicious brew. Tea is offered everywhere, at home or at work, as a gesture of hospitality and welcome. No deal is sealed without a glass of tea. Tea vendors are everywhere and add to the occasion by raising the pot higher and higher above the tea glass. Some say this aerates the water and increases the amount of oxygen in the tea, thus improving the taste.


Organically grown gunpowder green tea and spearmint leaves.


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