Optima Montmorency Cherry Juice Concentrate 500ml

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Only the highest quality Montmorency cherries are used to produce this product. These cherries are from the lighter coloured 'amarelle' prunus cerasus variety and have a tart flavour. This great tasting juice is naturally preserved to help maintain the integrity of the product.

Laboratory tests show sour cherry juice has a higher ORAC (Oxygen Radial AbsorbanceCapacity) value than the sweet cherry juice genus. Sour cherries are a good dietary source of plant flavonoids known as anthocyanins; phytonutrients found in dark coloured fruit.

The rich nutritious content of the Montmorency cherry means this fruit is associated with the term super food.

Contains no powders, artificial flavourings, colours and no added sugar or sweeteners.


Montmorency Cherry Juice Concentrate (99.8%), Preservative: Potassium Sorbate