Trafo Chips Salt & Vinegar 125g (Pack of 12)

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Trafo Chips Salt & Vinegar 125g are organic, hand-cooked potato chips with a tangy salt and vinegar flavor. It is made in small batches using traditional methods. The potatoes are sliced thinly and then fried in sunflower oil until they are golden brown and crispy. Once the chips are cooked, they are seasoned with a blend of sea salt and vinegar.


Potatoes*, Sunflower oil*, Dextrose*, Salt*, Corn flour*, Onion powder*, Food acid: Malic acid; Citric acid, Curcuma*, Garlic powder*, Coriander seed*, Ginger powder*, Black pepper*, Antioxidants: Rosemary extract*, Ascorbic acid. *certified organically grown.

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