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Beaming Baby Organic Bamboo Nappies Size 4 24 (Pack of 4)

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Congratulations! By choosing Beaming Baby Organic Bamboo Nappies, YOU have taken a big step towards giving YOUR BABY The HEALTHIEST Start to Life! Most babies suffer from Nappy Rash, Eczema, Asthma or Sensitive Skin Problems in their first three years of life. Many of these problems can be EASILY solved by avoiding Harsh Chemicals. Beaming Baby's Organic Bamboo Nappies contain 56% LESS Chemicals than standard nappies (and 40% less than other eco-nappies). By using Beaming Baby's Organic Bamboo Nappies, you have shown that you are in the TOP 5% of Mums and Dads who will go the EXTRA MILE to protect your baby from the harsh chemicals in standard baby products. Not only will you be DRAMATICALLY reducing the number of chemicals which YOUR BABY comes into contact with on a daily basis, but also, you can rest assured that you are using the Most Environmentally Friendly Baby Essentials on the Planet! Not only have they RADICALLY reduced the chemicals in these nappies, and removed any Harsh Chemicals altogether, but they have also introduced a Super-soft inner layer to gently protect and soothe the sensitive areas on Your Baby's bottom. Combined with a Highly Absorbent Organic Bamboo Core to keep the wetness away from your baby's bottom for up to 12 hours.


Organic** Bamboo fluff.

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