Weider 60% Protein Bar, Cookies & Cream - 24 bars

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The brand new Weider 60% Protein Bar breaks all records: 60% high-quality protein and just 0.4g of sugar. In addition, the 60% Protein Bar from Weider also supplies a lot of essential amino acids (EAAs) that support both your diet and your fat-free muscle building phase. Because every 45g light protein bar delivers 27g high-quality protein, regardless of your training goal: the Weider 60% bar supports your high-protein and low-sugar diet. The enormously high protein content supports your muscle building in the best possible way and protects you against unwanted muscle loss during hard training or in low-calorie diet phases (e.g. low-carb nutrition).


MILK protein (MILK protein isolate, calcium caseinate, whey protein isolate), collagen hydrolyzate, humectant: E422, cocoa butter, L-glutamine, sweetener: E965, cocoa mass, flavor, SOY protein isolate, 0.4% L-leucine, salt, emulsifier: E322 (SO32, 2% L-isoleucine, tapioca starch, cocoa powder, zinc gluconate, sweetener: E955, 0.01% L-valine.

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