Kallo Organic Beef Stock Cubes 66g (Pack of 15)

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Kallo Organic Beef Stock Cubes are full of flavour, and add instant depth to your home-cooking. These clever beef stock cubes quickly dissolve - ready to add a delicious taste to sauces, gravies, broth, Thai noodles, pies, curries, ramen and much more. Bring your soups to life, or, if you’re cooking a Sunday roast, these stock cubes will help you make a rich, flavoursome gravy. Versatile and easy to use, simply stir these little cubes into dishes and recipes whilst you cook, or dissolve in boiling water to make stock.


Sea Salt, Potato Starch*, Sustainable Palm Oil*, Vegetables* (Onion*, Celery*, Carrot*), Sugar*, Natural Flavouring, Yeast Extract, Caramelised Sugar*, Beef Powder* (2.3%), Herbs* and Spices* (Parsley*, Turmeric*, Rosemary*, Garlic*, Black Pepper*, Bay*), Mushroom*, *Organic Ingredient

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