Terranova Living Mulivitamin Man 100s

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Terranova Living Multivitamin Man has been specifically tailored for men and enriched with MAGNIFOOD blend including Aronia, Beetroot Juice, Ginger & Grape Seed with 29 nutrients including Zinc, Magnesium, Lycopene & Vitamin E. Terranovas Living Multivitamin MAN features a wide array of micronutrients in dosages that are particularly relevant to mens unique requirements. These nutrients are enhanced by an intensely synergistic Magnifood complex providing powerfully active phytonutrients and a wide array of other plant compounds with specific value to mens health.


Spirulina (organic) 200mg Stabilised Rice Bran 150mg Maca Root 100mg Aronia Berry (fresh freeze dried - organic) 75mg Acai Berry (fresh freeze dried - organic) 50mg Beetroot Juice/Greens (freeze dried - organic) 50mg Pumpkin Seed 50mg Bilberry (fresh freeze dried) 50mg Ginger Root (fresh freeze dried - organic) 25mg Grape Seed Extract 10mg

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