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Trec Nutrition Booster Protein Cream, Coconut - 300g

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Hazelnut and cocoa spreadable protein cream, with no added sugars, contains natural sugars. Booster Protein Cream is a delicious bread spread, sweetened with maltitol. The consumption of foods or beverages containing maltitol instead of sugar helps to maintain the mineralization of the teeth. Booster Protein Cream - contains phytosterols. Phytosterols help maintain normal blood cholesterol levels. The beneficial effect is obtained with a minimum daily intake of 0.8 g of phytosterols. If you see a layer of oil on the surface of the butter, just mix it before consumption.


Sweetener - maltitol (29%); non-hydrogenated and fractionated palm oil (RSPO); milk protein concentrate (18%); skim milk (8%); roasted hazelnut (6%); low-fat cocoa (6%); sunflower oil; emulsifier - lecithins; natural vanilla scent.

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