Swanson Daily Multi-Vitamin without Minerals - 30 vcaps

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We all require a good supply of essential vitamins every day to maintain optimal health and vitality. Unfortunately, hectic schedules can often leave us pressed for time and eating "on the fly," where convenience trumps nutrition, leaving us lacking in many of the vitamins we need to keep us healthy. Try as we may, even the most health-conscious among us will occasionally fall short of our recommended vitamin intake, particularly for the water-soluble C and B-complex vitamins that aren't stored in the body and must be replaced every day. That's why, for most of us, taking a quality daily multivitamin as a sort of nutritional "insurance policy" to cover the gaps in our diet just makes sense. That's what our Daily Multivitamin without Minerals is for.


Rice flour, hypromellose (vegetable capsule), silica, modified food starch.

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