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Stacker2 Europe Liquid Amino, Fruit Punch - 946 ml.

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Stacker - amino liquid, 946ml content is sufficient for 24 protions of 40ml each. Liquid amino acids work effectively and much faster than a protein preparation. Contains 51 % amino acids from whey protein hydrolysate. The absorption is much higher with liquid amino acids, the body does not have to digest the amino acids. With enough BCAAs and Glutamine, so that you are stronger, have more stamina and the body stays longer in anabolic growth state, the muscles grow more in less time.


water, Protein HD Blend( hydrolyzed collagen protein, WHEY PROTEIN HYDROLYSATE), Fructose, aroma, Vitamin B6, antioxidants( citric acid, ascorbic acid), sweeteners( cyclamate, saccharin, acesulfame potassium)

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