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Secret gardens Organic Tropical Fusion Smoothie 330ml (Pack of 12)

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Secret Gardens Organic Tropical Fusion has all the flavour and goodness of tropical fruit without all the effort of going to the tropics. Passion fruit, pineapple, peach, banana, mango, apple, pear and coconut water. Open the bottle and you can almost sense the palms swaying and the waves lapping. All that sun-drenched fruit delivers all the vitamin-filled nutrition you need for 2 of your 5 a day. No sugars. No preservatives. Just 100% cold pressed organic fruit. Put the empty bottle to your ear and you may well hear the sea.


Organic Passion Fruit (20%), Organic Pineapple (20%),,Organic Peach (15%),,Organic Banana (10%),Organic Mango (10%),,Organic Apple (10%),Organic Pear (10%),Organic Coconut Water (5%)

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