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New Nordic Seaweed Diet 60Tabs

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The Seaweed Diet tablet is based on the latest scientific findings on effective functional ingredients from seaweeds. Modern research has proved the lnk between the marine cartenoid fucoxanthin and the benefits of seaweed in weight management and fat metabolism. The Seaweed Diet tablet contains fucoxanthin rich wakame in combination extract with Norwegian kelp. The tablet also contains artichoke and black pepper which helps support digestion, dandelion and while mulberry leaf. It's content of chromium helps maintain normal blood glucose levels and metabolism


*Cinnamon, *Chamomile (25%), *Honeybush, *Lemon Balm (5%), *Valerian Root (5%), Natural Orange Flavouring (5%), *Organically Grown Ingredient

Suitable For

  • Dairy Free
  • Gluten Free