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Kokoa Collection Venezula 58% Smooth Hot Chocolate 210g

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Light and sweet with slightly "fruity" notes. Kokoa Collection is the award winning hot chocolate served in good coffee shops and now also available for you to enjoy at home. We have sourced the best cocoa beans from around the world so you can choose your favourite. White from Ivory Coast sweet and creamy with natural vanilla Smooth from Venezuela, 58% cocoa light and sweet with slightly "fruity" flavour Classic from Ecuador, 70% cocoa delicately balanced flavour with "floral" tones Dark from Haiti, 75% cocoa rich and indulgent with "roasted hazelnut" notes Darkest from Madagascar, 82% cocoa not too sweet with more intense "red fruits" Plus flavoured sugars rose, orange & cinnamon, chilli and gingerbread spice


Cocoa Paste Venezuela, Sugar, Emulsifier: Soya Lecithin, Minimum Cocoa 58%