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Garden of Life Super Seed - 600g

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Garden of Life Super seed is an excellent way to add whole food fibre to smoothies and foods; however, it is so much more than a healthy fibre. In addition to delivering 6 grams of fibre, super seed is made with 14 sprouted seeds, grains and legumes, provides 6 grams of protein along with healthy Omega-3 fats, and beneficial probiotics and digestive enzymes, but with no sugar or artificial ingredients. Cinnamon provides a delicious taste and makes super seed a great addition to smoothies and many other foods or recipes to boost nutritional content as well as fibre. Super seed - A powerful, whole food blend of sprouted seeds, grains and legumes that supplies your body with a nutrient-dense source of dietary fibre.


Calcium (Naturally Occurring) 66 Mg 7%, iron (Naturally Occurring) 2 Mg 11%, perfect Fiber Blend 18 G +, organic Flax Seed Meal, Whole Chia Seed, poten-Zyme Whole Food Fiber Blend 1.5 G +, amaranth Sprout, Quinoa Sprout, Millet Sprout, Organic BuckWheat Sprout, Garbanzo Bean Sprout, Lentil Sprout, Adzuki Bean Sprout, Organic Flax Seed Sprout, Sunflower.

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