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Garden of Life Omega Zyme Ultra - 90 vcaps

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Garden of Life Digestive enzymes taken with food travel through a sequential change of pH environment throughout the gut. O-Zyme ULTRA is perfectly formulated to contain a unique blend of enzymes that provides activity throughout all the various pH levels encountered in the gut. Of the 21 enzymes provided by O-Zyme ULTRA, 11 exhibit optimal activity in the stomach (pH levels 1-5); nine exhibit optimal activity in both the stomach and the small intestine (pH levels of 1-5 and 6-8); and one exhibits optimal activity in the small intestine (pH of 6-8). This enzyme relay race enables O-Zyme ULTRA to help your body more completely digest proteins, carbohydrates, fats and difficult-to-digest foods such as broccoli, nuts, seeds, beans and dairy for maximum nutritional benefits.


Protein Digestive Enzymes,Dual-Protease Blend 80,000 HUT,Acid Function Protease 15 SAPU,Peptidase 2,000 HUT,Papain 280,000 FC,Bromelain 225,000 FC,Neut. Bacterial Protease 4,000 PC,Carbohydrate Digestive Enzymes,Xylanase 575 XU,Pectinase 16 endo-PG,Cellulase 725 CU,Invertase 225 SU,Glucoamylase 50 AGU,alpha-Galactosidase 450 GalU,Amylase 25,000 DU,Fiber Digestive Blend 20 mg,Diastase 275 DP,Fat Digestive Enzymes,Lipase 5,000 FIP,Dairy Digestive Enzymes 140

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