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Garden of Life Collagen Peptides - Grass Fed - 280g

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Promotes skin elasticity, strong nails & healthy hair, supports joints & mobility, 20g grass-fed and pasture-raised collagen great value for money and completely safe to be brought through Amazon as you are protected by Amazon's full easy return policy


Alanine1,663 mgArginine1,418 mgAspartic Acid1,061 mgGlutamic Acid1,902 mgGlycine3,716 mgHistidine140 mgHydroxylysine177 mgHydroxyproline2,141 mgIsoleucine*^274 mgLeucine*^526 mgLysine*698 mgMethionine*129 mgPhenylalanine*332 mgProline2,433 mgSerine548 mgThreonine*338 mgTyrosine68 mgValine*^434 mg*Essential Amino Acids

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