Clearspring Miso Bouillon Paste 4 x 28g

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Clearspring Organic Japanese Umami Instant Stock Paste is concentrated vegetable stock. Unlike most concentrated vegetable stocks, it is made from the highest quality, natural ingredients without the use of yeast extracts. This is a unique creation which can be used in non-Japanese style soups and stews. Miso is a traditional fermented Japanese staple food and seasoning made from different types of grains but mainly soya and a unique koji fermentation culture. Contains 4 sachets of 28 g each.


Brown rice miso (32%) (whole SOYA BEANS, cultured brown rice, sea salt, water), sea salt, carrot purée, water, onion purée, leek purée, kombu sea vegetable extract (water, kombu, sea salt), kuzu (starch thickener), ginger purée, cold-pressed sunflower oil. organically grown.

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