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Rude Health Organic Coconut Drink 1ltr (Pack of 6)

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"Creamy. Silky. Tropical. We take all the lovely white stuff from coconuts and whip it up until it’s smooth. Then we blend it with rice, spring water and a pinch of sea salt. Rice gives our coconuts a subtle sweetness, and balances out its smooth texture. At Rude Health we believe that healthy doesn’t have to be bland. Free from dairy doesn’t mean free from flavour. Our ingredients are sourced from nature. We believe that the crème de la crop of ingredients make the best tasting food and drinks. Oats so simple. Coconuts so creamy. Almonds so delicious. Tuck in. This coconut milk is so full of flavour it can be used in all kinds of drinks & dishes: Drink it neat, just like that. Pure tropical pleasure. Breakfast: Perfect in porridge, granola, muesli & cereal. Creamy & subtly sweet. Smoothies: Shake up your wakeup. Coconut & Banana smoothie has our vote. Hot Drinks: Mix with matcha for a tropical twist the green latte. Coffee: Makes the perfect coconut iced coffee. Savoury Cooking: Cook up a coconutty curry, rustle up a ramen. The possibilities are endless. Desserts & Baking: Coconut rice pudding is our favourite. Or how about splashing into your pancake mix? To get started, just shake well.


Natural Spring Water, Organic Rice, Organic Coconut Milk (4%), Sea Salt.