Aqua De Madre

Aqua De Madre Original 750ml (Pack of 6)

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The original Madre! Four delicious, fizzing bottles, fermented with Lemon & Ginger. So good it leaves our customers speechless. Agua De Madre has a low alcohol content (1.2% abv), making it the perfect drink for who want to cut their alcohol intake, but aren't ready to sacrifice the ritual of drinking. Effervescent as champagne. The Madre uses exclusively organic ingredients to ferment her water kefir, and remains comitted to sustainable and eco-friendly processes. These bottles are fizzing with life: every 100ml contains a mindblowing 55 billion live cultures! We're entirely plant-based, too.


Kefir culture fermented in pure filtered water, Organic cane sugar, Organic figs, Organic lemon, Organic ginger, Himalayan salt, Fresh organic root ginger infusion, Organic lemon juice, Ginger extracts, Citric acid, Capiscum extract, Lemon extract